Home- Based Business

The Home-based Business Program gives you coverage that is not provided on your standard homeowners policy.  Coverage is provided for your business personal property on and off the premises.  

You receive coverage for money and securities as well as business loss of income.  

Cyber Risk Insurance

We live in an information age of instant action.  We use social media and web based programs in our daily operations.

You may not know it but you are at risk of a cyber risk attack if you do any of the following:

Gather personal client information including date of birth, home address, social security numbers, credit card or bank information

Use clouds of other web based systems to access or store business information

Don’t clean out your spam box daily

75% of small business does not have this coverage.  Research shows that small businesses are the most likely to be attacked by hackers.

1 in 3 businesses would be paralyzed if their date is lost or stolen

Many major companies have been and are still under cyber attack. Here are some ways to combat cyber-attacks:

Create Secure Passwords

Establish Internet & Privacy Procedures

Don't access office data over public Wi-Fi

Govern internet access

Manage email usage

Clean out spam & deleted mail daily

Do You Need An Umbrella Policy?

You might if you......

---Own a home, Own a car, Want to protect your future earnings, Want to protect your assets against a lawsuit or judgement.

A personal umbrella policy (PUP) substantially increases your overall liability coverage with an extra layer of protection beyond the basic coverage provided under your homeowners and auto insurance policies.  This low cost policy is designed to protect you and your family against a catastrophic lawsuit or judgement.

The Top Four Questions to Consider When Choosing A Condominium Insurance Policy

Condominiums and townhouses have special insurance needs. They don’t need as much insurance as a house, but owners have more to insure than a renter. The insurance needs for a condo owner include personal property and liability coverages. Special policies for condominium owners, known as form HO-6, will provide the liability and personal property protection a condominium owner needs.
As a condominium owner, one needs to insure not only their personal possessions in the condo, but also any built in units such as cabinets, fixtures, appliances and shelves. In addition to covering the personal property, a condo owner also needs liability coverage. The liability portion of the policy would cover injuries or damage to people or property that the condo owner would be liable for.
Below is a checklist of the top four questions to co-responsibilities in the condo association’s Master Deed (the insurance requirements the association expects from you)?
1. What are your ownership and insurance responsibilities in the condo association’s Master Deed (the insurance requirements the association expects from you)? 

2. Does the policy you are considering include broad water damage coverage for problems such as sewer and drain back-ups?
3. Does your condo association provide comprehensive or blanket coverage to protect you against other condo owners who may not have adequate coverage?
4. Do you have expensive personal items such as jewelry or furs that you may need additional personal property coverage for?